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Born in Dirt an' Din new release

Born in Dirt an' Din is a coming together of new works commissioned from composers with a background in jazz - saxophonists Tim Garland and Martin Kershaw and pianists Paul Harrison and Mike Kearney. It also features some Raymond Scott cartoon classics. Release date is August 30th

Maria de Buenos Aires

Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer’s “operita”, María de Buenos Aires, was written in 1967 and premiered in 1968. Outside any existing genre and suffused with the adventurous spirit of its times, it embraces not only the radical tango nuevo pioneered by its authors, but also the spirit of surrealism. This recording tries to go back to its authentic roots, and is accompanied by a new translation into English which resolves many of the obscurities of its wayward libretto.

Solitudes - Baltic Reflections

Music from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - hauntingly atmospheric and, by turns, passionate and reflective. The programme includes two popular Finnish tango numbers as well as Aulis Sallinen’s Introduction and Tango Overture, celebrating the popular dance band music. In a performance which shows how evocative and communicative the piano sextet can be, the beautiful and the characterful are combined with the Mr McFall’s Chamber trademark intimacy and gentle humour.

Editor's Choice, five stars, Classical Music Magazine Read reviews

La Pasionaria

The disc unites two areas of repertoire which Mr McFall’s Chamber have often combined in performance – Valentina Montoya Martínez’s songs of life as a Chilean exile, and the music of the tango nuevo, including songs and instrumentals from Ástor Piazzolla’s ‘operita’ María de Buenos Aires.

The Okavango Macbeth

In April 2011, we recorded The Okavango Macbeth: a new opera based on the Macbeth story by writer Alexander McCall Smith and composer Tom Cunningham, arranged by Robert McFall. The live performances received a 5-star review in The Scotsman.

Michael Marra with Mr McFall's Chamber

Our gigs with Michael Marra were described by The Scotsman as a ‘spellbinding... tour de force’. We recorded all of the shows in May 2010 and have chosen the best bits for our exclusive live album.

Birds and Beasts

Martyn Bennett was one of Scotland’s most innovative musicians, combining the traditional and modern, the local and international. Robert McFall has put together a programme of his own sympathetic arrangements of Martyn’s music alongside original works by Fraser Fifield.

Newcastle New Music

This CD contains music by Kathryn Tickell, Agustín Fernandez and Tim Garland, to name but a few. This is a really unusual coming-together of composers from different backgrounds and contains some stunning music.

Music by Gavin Bryars

This, our first release on Delphian Records, is a recording of a piece which we commissioned from Gavin Bryars in 2007, "The Church Closest to the Sea", alongside two other recent works.

Upstart Jugglers

Upstart Jugglers, released in 2001 at the same time as Revolucionario, was the catch-all CD to include everything else that wasn't tango.


Revolucionario represents the tango - or, to be more precise, the South American - aspect of our programmes. It features vocalist Valentina Montoya Martinez, a Chilean singer who performed regularly at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh.

Like The Milk

Released by Robert Fripp in 1999 on his DGM (Discipline Global Mobile) label. It was produced by percussionist Rick Bamford and recorded both in his front room and in Stockbridge Parish Church, Edinburgh.


Born In Dirt An' Din

Harrison - Consequences

Consequences.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 3.50Mb) Consequences

Kershaw - Far Vistas

Far-Vistas.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 3.60Mb) Far Vistas

Harrison - Born In Dirt An' Din

Born-In-Dirt-An-Din.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 2.86Mb) Born In Dirt An' Din

Scott - The Penguin

The-Penguin.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 3.00Mb) The Penguin

Maria de Buenos Aires

Yo soy María
Milonga carrieguera
Tocata rea
Tangata del alba


Mustonen: Toccata
Mononen: Satumaa
Sibelius: Finlandia

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