Born In Dirt An' Din

Music by Tim Garland, Paul Harrison, Martin Kershaw, Mike Kearney and Raymond Scott

Born In Dirt An' Din brings together recordings of pieces commissioned by Mr McFall's Chamber over the last few years from composers with a background in jazz - London-based saxophonist, Tim Garland, Glasgow-based pianist, Paul Harrison, Edinburgh-based clarinettist, Martin Kershaw and pianist, Mike Kearney. By way of light relief, we have also included four numbers by the swing band leader and cartoon composer, Raymond Scott.

Track 1: Paul Harrison – Consequences (6.11)
Track 2: Martin Kershaw – Far Vistas (9.31)
Track 3: Raymond Scott – Curley Cue (2.31)
Track 4: Raymond Scott – The Penguin (2.51)
Track 5: Martin Kershaw – Closing In (9.39)
Track 6: Raymond Scott – Tobacco Auctioneer (2.43)
Track 7: Mike Kearney – The Phoenix (6.57)
Track 8: Paul Harrison – Born in Dirt ‘n Din (6.11)
Tracks 9 – 12: Tim Garland – ExtraPollination (15.12)
Track 13: Raymond Scott – Portofino (2.01)

Maximiliano Martín – clarinet in Bb
Alec Frank-Gemmill – horn in F
Paul Harrison – piano/ keyboards/ electronics
Rick Standley – double bass/ bass guitar
Stuart Brown – drums/ samples
Cyril Garac – violin 1
Robert McFall – violin 2
Brian Schiele – viola
Su-a Lee – ‘cello/ musical saw
Iain Sandilands – percussion
Tom Hunter – percussion

Price: £15 plus p & p

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