Upstart Jugglers

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Upstart Jugglers, released in 2001 at the same time as "Revolucionario", was the catch-all CD to include everything else that wasn't tango. The majority opinion in the group was that we should avoid mixing the various kinds of repertoire. We even considered releasing a triple album - rock, tango and classical - but ended up with just two individual albums - Revolucionario (tango) and Upstart Jugglers (classical, rock and folk). As a concession we put the two classical pieces, James MacMillan's "Cumnock Fair" and Edwards McGuire's "Nocturnes", at the front of the CD and everything else after them. The everything else includes songs by Richard Thompson and Lowell George, La Vie En Rose arranged for musical saw and two King Crimson numbers.

1) Cumnock Fair – James MacMillan (12.52)
2) Nocturnes – Edward McGuire (17.17)
3) Square Dance for Eight Egyptian Mummies – Raymond Scott (04.27)
4) How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? – Blind Alfred Reed (04.37)
5) Twenty Million Things – Lowell George (04.23)
6) Matte Kudasai – King Crimson (04.01)
7) Io Pur Respiro – Carlo Gesualdo (03.20)
8) The Great Valerio – Richard Thompson (06.25)
9) The Sheltering Sky – King Crimson (07.24)
10) The Ballad of Ned Kelly – Trevor Lucas (03.46)
11) La Vie En Rose – Piaf / Louigny (05.21)

Click on the links below to listen to some samples:

Cumnock.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 185Kb)

Nocturnes.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 291Kb)

Twenty-Million-Things.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 436Kb)

Matte-Kudasai.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 350Kb)

Great-Valerio.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 222Kb)

Sheltering-Sky.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 281Kb)

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