La Pasionaria

Price: £12.50 + p&p

Victor Villena, bandoneon
Cyril Garac & Robert McFall, violin
Brian Schiele, viola
Su-a Lee, cello
Rick Standley, double bass
Phil Alexander, piano
Iain Sandilands, percussion

Women are at the heart of this disc: warm-hearted South American mothers, women on the town, little girls hanging scared on their mothers’ coat-tails, blondes kissing fruitsellers in the Buenos Aires rain …

The disc brings together two areas of repertoire which Mr McFall’s Chamber have often combined in performance – Valentina Montoya Martínez’s songs of life as a Chilean exile, and the music of the tango nuevo, including songs and instrumental interludes from Ástor Piazzolla’s ‘operita’ María de Buenos Aires, where the character of María represents the tango itself.

'Mr McFall's Chamber yet again find themselves triumphantly defining the innovative edge of the Scottish scene' - Scotsman

1 Los paraguas de Buenos Aires
2 Tango de la espera
3 Cartas
4 Adi s Poeta
5 Vardarito
6 Versos
7 Observalo bien
8 Madre selva
9 Tocata rea
10 Guitarra mía
11 Milonga del 2007
12 Sola
13 Fuga y misterio
14 Allegro tangabile
15 Yo soy María
16 Notango

Total playing time [57:14]

La Pasionaria

Los paraguas de Buenos Aires

Los-Paraguas-De-Buenos-Aires-sample.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 2.06Mb) Los paraguas de Buenos Aires

Madre selva

Madre-Selva-sample.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 1.92Mb) Madre selva


Vardarito-sample.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 1.64Mb) Vardarito

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