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In 2001 there was a great deal of discussion (and disagreement) about what to include in releases. One or two of us were happy to mix repertoire as we had done on Like The Milk. Others wanted to try and separate out the various strands of what we did - tango, rock, classical etc. Revolucionario, therefore, represents the tango - or, to be more precise, the South American - aspect of our programmes. It features vocalist Valentina Montoya Martinez, a Chilean singer who performed regularly at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh, and with whom we started to put together South American songs from about 1997 onwards.

1) Otoño Porteño – Astor Piazzolla (05.22)
2) Calla corazón – Enrique Delfino (02.56)
3) Adios Nonino – Astor Piazzolla (08.09)
4) Acerca de quien soy y no soy – Isabel Parra (05.13)
5) Cuando silba el viento – Maria Esther Pacheco Huergo (03.45)
6) Mar del Plata – Astor Piazzolla (03.14)
7) Y somos la gente – Eladia Blazquez/ Osvaldo Pugliese (03.07)
8) Revolucionario – Astor Piazzolla (04.58)
9) Noche de ronda – Agustín Lara (03.50)
10) Quedémonos aqui – Homero Expósito/ Héctor Stamponi (02.50)
11) Coral – Astor Piazzolla (06.34)
12) Te Recuerdo Amanda – Victor Jara (03.20)

Listen to excerpts from the album:

Adios-Nonino.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 360Kb)

Acerca-de-quien.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 413Kb)

Cuando-silba.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 317Kb)

Revolucionario.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 307Kb)

Coral.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 259Kb)

Te-recuerdo-Amanda.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 349Kb)

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