Mr McFall's Chamber is regularly joined by other musicians and collaborators, including:

Remembered/Imagined, Mar 2014
- Amble Skuse (composer & Creative Producer)
- Angus Peter Campbell (actor and writer)
- Mike Vass (composer)
- Charlotte Murray (writer)
- Ailie Robertson (composer)
- Rebecca Sharp (writer)
- Sophie Cooke (writer)
- Maeve Mackinnon (singer)

Viva Tango, Nov 2013
- Lysandre Donoso (bandoneon)
- Cyril Garac (violin)
- Valentina Montoya Martinez (voice)

Freak Out, Sep 2013
- Stuart Brown (drums)
- Paul Harrison (composer & keys))
- Iain Sandilands (percussion)
- Martin Kershaw (composer)
- Tom Hunter (percussion)
- Alec Frank-Gemmill (French horn)

Past collaborators
- Phil Alexander (piano)
- Tom Bancroft (drums)
- Fraser Fifield (pipes and whistles)
- Chris George (violin)
- Graeme McNaught (piano)
- Claire Sterling (violin)
- Victor Villena (bandoneon)

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