Sophie Cooke

Sophie Cooke’s poems have won the Genomics Forum Poetry Prize (‘Forward Deck’), been longlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize (‘Some Things Have Hardened That We Did Not Wish To Go Hard’), and filmed for the Year of Natural Scotland 2013 (‘Byland’). She has also worked on translations of Ukrainian poetry into English, and has performed her poetry in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Sophie is also well-known as the author of The Glass House and Under The Mountain, both novels set in the Scottish Highlands. Her short stories range farther afield – from Bosnia and Berlin to South Africa – and have been published in anthologies and literary magazines across Europe, as well as being broadcast on BBC Radio. Sophie is the director of Skriva Writing School in Edinburgh where she teaches novel writing and short story writing. She is a freelance travel writer for the Guardian.

‘My poetry tends to focus on mythology or else environmental or socio-political issues – like global warming or genetic research! I am excited to be working on a project that might bring a mythical twist to current issues. Remembered/Imagined is a perfect description of it.’

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