Amble Skuse

Growing out of her individual success as a composer, Amble Skuse set up Remembered / Imagined Productions in 2013 with the aim of establishing a regular programme of creative projects and to become one of the major producers of commissioning and development opportunities for UK artists.

McFall's are delighted to be the performing partners for the 2013-14 production, also entitled Remembered/Imagined. Amble and Robert McFall will work closely to programme a tour of new commissions in March 2014, combining the strings of Mr McFall's Chamber with fantastic singer Maeve Mackinnon, actor Angus Peter Campbell and Amble performing live electronics.

Amble works as a composer and has a broad background in Diversity and Inclusion. Her interests lie in the various ways in which power is created and maintained through exclusive structures. After working at the Arts Council England on the Diversity and Inclusion team, Amble spent time working in Central and South America. Her work there supported social enterprises engaging with issues around race and language with the indigenous people of Guatemala and Brazil. She has also developed innovative Gypsy and Traveller training and outreach projects in the UK. These projects aim to support people in gaining the skills and knowledge to empower their communities to counter negative stereotyping. Her diversity work explored relationships between the rural and the urban, the central and the isolated, the connected and the disconnected.

Her recent work has been focusing on developing strategies for work as a disabled artist. Since 2007, Amble has refocused her work on composing and exploring the various musicological frameworks around traditional and electro-acoustic music. Her composition centres on the tension between traditional acoustic performance and interactive technologies, received traditions and contemporary technological immediacy, isolation and communication, both in terms of the realisation of the composition and the musicological framework.

Amble works with Logic, MAX/MSP and Supercollider to create sculptural sounds that augment and support the traditional music performers. She is interested in ways in which the past and the future come together and merge to create the now.

Amble’s work has been performed internationally by ensembles; such as Mr McFalls, Chamber, Red Note Ensemble and Rarescale. She was recently chosen for a large-scale community inclusion project with Making Music and Ty Cerdd, working across the whole of Wales developing a series of intergenerational site-specific works.

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