Fall of a window cleaner

Our composers have been busy since our Electronics Project in May this year. While Marc Estibeiro will soon be taking his piece to IRCAM, Julien Longchamp has also given his work, Fall of a window cleaner, a new lease of life too.

Julien has compiled a video to accompany the work, which was recently used as part of a live performance in Glasgow. Julien writes:

This short film was developed as a visual response to the piece I developed with Mr McFall's Chamber during our electronic workshop. I actually composed the music with a clear narrative, that of a window cleaner falling down a building and somehow getting sucked into it. As the structure gradually falls apart, he is not sure anymore if him escaping is a reality or just a thought. So when I was asked to produce a new piece for the Arches LIVE Festival, I took the opportunity to shoot this short film in the derelict space of the Arches, which I thought matched the suspenseful atmosphere we created in the music. Thanks again to Mr McFall's Chamber for an inspiring collaboration!

You can read about how Julien's piece took shape during the Electronics Project here.

You can hear other music by Julien on his soundcloud page, or visit his vimeo account to view his other films.

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