Electronics Project Day 2: Julien Lonchamp

Day Two of our Electronics Project brought not only a change of composer but also a change of cellist, as Su-a miraculously morphed seamlessly into Donnie Gillan for the day. We were delighted to have him join us and he has shared some of his thoughts on the project on his page of the blog. Su-a is back with us on Day Three.

Fall of a window cleaner

A few words on Fall of a window cleaner: the piece is an attempt to tell a story in music. It will constitute the basis for the soundtrack of a short film I plan to shoot at the end of the year. It is composed of three sections. In “The fall” (section A), a man falls from a building, imagining the lives of the people within. In a surreal step (“Inner building”, section B), he is sucked inside the building, realising that these lives are actually reflections of his own. His only way to escape is by facing his innermost self, precipitating the building falling apart. He finally succeeds, only to find himself back on the rooftop (“On the cusp”, section C). - Julien


WindowCleaner-JulienWithEffects.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 17.10Mb)

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Julien's music makes people concentrate...

Amble has stuck around to check out what other composers are up to...

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