Call for electronics composers

Mr McFall’s Chamber is pleased to invite applications for a call for scores involving instruments and live electronics

Scottish-based chamber ensemble, Mr McFall’s Chamber, is inviting applications and ideas from composers and programmers to take part in an electronic music project in May 2011. Mr McFall's Chamber would like to invite composers to submit new works that involve electronic instruments and live electronics to be developed in workshops during the week of 16th-20th May 2011 with live electronics composer Martin Parker and sound engineer Alex Fiennes. The workshops will take place at Heriot Toun Studio in the Scottish Borders (

If you are an experienced musician who is keen to find out what's possible with live electronics or if you're an electronic musician who rarely gets close to highly trained instrumental musicians, this could be an opportunity for you.

This is a workshop situation, in which we aim to take documentary recordings and to blog the progress of the works as they develop. Participants will be expected to share in the documentation process and contribute to the blog as their piece evolves. Participants should also be prepared to have their work recorded as part of this processed and made available online for free at the end of the week.

We are looking for a maximum of five participants for the project. Each participant will work on their piece for one morning and one afternoon session during the week. However, participants will be welcome to stay for the whole week of 16th-20th May, should they wish to observe the process with the other pieces and make comments and contributions.

The aim of the workshop is to develop and refine approaches to working with electronics and instruments. We'll explore some of the following questions:

  • How can instrumental sounds be augmented and elaborated with electronics?
  • What electronic sounds might work well with instrumental timbre?
  • How can an ensemble perform live with electronic sounds or computers and how can composers score their intentions effectively?


Prospective participants should submit a score of their intended piece – though this need not be in its finished form at this stage. Scores can be graphic and conceptual but full technical requirements should also be included and take into account the equipment / software listed below. Please be prepared to bring your own equipment if is not listed. Scores should be no longer than 10 minutes.


• Electric violin
• Electric viola
• Electric cello
• Bass guitar

Live electronics equipment:

• Stereo PA system (given the small size of the studio we'll be working in, there is no need for multichannel sound reproduction so we will be realizing the electronics in stereo)
• Individual microphones on each instrument
• RME Hammerfall FireFace 400 (up to 8 inputs)
• Fast Apple Laptop with Logic Pro 9, Mainstage, MaxMSP

Live electronics parts can be devised for the tools available above or you can bring your own equipment. This must be agreed upon in advance of the workshop.


• There is no age limit, however applicants must be resident in the UK at the time of applying.
• The submitted work should be no longer than 10 minutes duration.
• Applications from both traditional composers and programmers are welcomed, although all applicants should have some experience of working with electronic music.
• Applicants must be prepared to get themselves to and from Heriot Toun Studio for the workshops, and to arrange their own accommodation where necessary.

How to Apply:

We welcome applications by email, however a postal address is provided below for applicants unable to submit their application electronically. To apply, please send:
• A recording of an existing example of your work. Where a recording is not possible, please send a score and detailed explanation of the piece.
• A detailed explanation of the ideas that you would like to explore, if accepted for the project
• Details of your name, address, and current affiliation or place of work
• A biography
• Optional: Self-addressed/stamped envelope for return of materials.
Note: All other scores will be discarded the week following the judges' decision

Postal applications may be sent to: Jo Buckley, General Manager, Mr McFall’s Chamber, Riverside Cottage, 7 Beech Place, Penicuik, Midlothian EH26 8LS

Application Deadline:

All email applications and postal packages must be received by Monday 28th March 2011 to be considered. No late submissions will be accepted.

  • All applications will be acknowledged on receipt
  • All applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision by 18th April 2011

Enquiries: Please direct any queries to Jo Buckley:

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