Rosenna East on Amble

I've had a great time so far - two days of electronic learning curve for me! First day, I'm the only one with both acoustic and electric instrument, but the group decides to go with just electric that day. The impact of this decision only really becomes clear to me the following day, when I hear my acoustic violin through the speakers and effects. Night and Day difference - as our sound engineer Ben Seal puts it. So, all these years practising on the acoustic violin haven't been wasted...

But the electronic effects and processing that the composers are using are fascinating. So much choice - so much to play with. It's like another musical universe is available to them, quite apart from everything that we can do for them already. And I'm learning that my sound can be described as 'signal' and indeed even 'minus 6'. I try not to get too disturbed by that.

Interesting also to try and hang on to an internal pulse as a group of players, while all around you are grooving to delayed sound pulses they are hearing through the speakers, rather than from us. Easier to play with your eyes closed.

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