Ben Seal on Amble

After changing my tyre in Cannonmills this morning my ASDA breakfast seemed like a breakfast of champions. The sad triangle of hash browns rubbed shoulders with the value blood sausage, everyone mingling with the beans on the long road to oblivion…..

(my style today may well be influenced by Jack Kerouac as I'm listening to 'On The Road', excuse me)

The musicians arrived today with acoustic instruments. I'm sure the difference will be evident in the audio. let's hope that the feedback stays under control.

Walk through involved some bouts of raucous laughter instigated by Su-a's massive Gliss.

The first run through had a couple of moments of feedback which I actually quite liked.

Shocking revelation of the day: Amble reveals that Su-a has played the piece before. This, of course, is news to Su-a. Cue more raucous laughter.



Listening back to the recordings from this morning and the string sound is like night and day compared with the electric instruments.

Lots of takes later…..

Now onto the mix. In fact, rather than tell you about it you should just go and listen to it.

All told I had a really satisfying day today. Lovely.

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