March 2012

  • 01/03/12

    Final Tales from Valparaiso

    It was half-way through our stay in Paraguay, in a hotel in Iguazu, that we first heard the news of the train crash in Buenos Aires. By the time we got to Buenos Aires on our way home to Chile a couple of days later, the Argentine papers were angry from c more

February 2012

  • 26/02/12

    Tales from Valparaiso (and beyond) No. 15

    I thought you might be interested to know what the papers in Chile are saying about the Argentine actions to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Falklands war? I think the general consensus is... more
  • 18/02/12

    Electronics 2012 Day 3: Malcolm Macfarlane

    This year's Electronics Project has been a rewarding experience for everyone, not least because of the variety of music of offer. As Day 3 dawned, we turned to jazz-based improvised grooves with Malcolm Macfarlane - a new experience... more
  • 17/02/12

    Electronics 2012 Day 2: Amble Skuse

    Day 2 of our Electronics Project brought with it a strange sense of deja vu, more so for some than others... Amble joined us for last year's project, so we were delighted that she enjoyed it enough to take part again this year... more
  • 16/02/12

    Electronics 2012 Day 1: Louise Rossiter

    A new year and a new set of participants for our Electronics Project. This year we've set up home for 3 days in Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, where we're a resident ensemble for 2012. It's a wonderful space to spend a few days... more
  • 05/02/12

    Tales from Valparaiso (and beyond) No. 14

    I'm sitting on the deck in front of Eva and Ricardo's Swedish-style wooden house here at the farm near Pinto – outside Chillán in the South of Chile. Ann and the other “wwoofer”, Beth, have headed into Chillán to make enquiries about buses, buy ha more

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