Su-a Lee

No baby theatre shows today, but a hectic start to the morning... trying to buy a SatNav in preparation for whizzing up and down the UK this weekend. One Currys store out of stock... raced to the next. Hooray! In stock. Cash register computers all crashed. Flat car tyre needed pumping. All before 10am. Sadly no time to pick up planned tasty goodies on the way to Heriot Toun (cake!), as I was already a little late.

Today we had Marc Estibeiro in the hot seat. I liked the music immediately. As we got further and further into the rehearsal process, I enjoyed discovering the intricacies of the weaving structure. Every note counted and I enjoyed how my part interacted with the others and the piece had a clarity which was refreshing.

Playing at a very slow pulse rate does pose some problems though. It's amazing how the passage of time gets dissected into infinitesimal moments. And how those moments can have such an emotion attached to them when there are two or more concurrent ideas of that flow of time! The solution, I have discovered, is always coffee!

Onto the most anticipated moment of the day… lunch! Fresh ginger put to good use in Rick's latest preparation…a mung bean stew! Delicious! Inevitable chat about recipes. I will be very surprised if the blog doesn't acquire a dedicated recipe page!

I left Heriot Toun today in a cloud of warmth for my fellow company and friends. The lovely Jo, who has flown in each day like a fairy godmother bearing tasty homemade goodies and a cheerful disposition, whilst prodding us persistently to write our blog contributions! Rick who has been passionately engaging himself over a hot stove, not to mention getting mildly hot under the collar over his bass! Robert and Brian have both been great company… I couldn't wish for two more interesting, warm, generous and considerate colleagues. Amble, Scott and Marc have been a joy… (Sorry to miss out on the other two composers…) And of course Martin and Alex, without whom this project would not have happened. What a perfect team they make! Not only with their expertise but they also bring a calmness, humour and harmony to the proceedings, while still encouraging the composers to push their creative boundaries... Oh lucky me!

Tomorrow I will become tall, handsome and male again…in the form of Donnie. Lucky crew! Am sure the boys will all have a great end to the week! Sorry to miss out…

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