Rick Standley

The benefits of this project to the composers involved are becoming clearer. For someone working with electronics, access to a 'live' musician is a luxury - but FOUR? This is almost without precedent! Todays music was very slow and beautiful and could be successfully performed without any additional treatment. There are three outcomes (this applies to every composer).

Firstly, a recording made in real-time of the musicians playing and the electronics being added live. Obviously, the electronics cannot be rehearsed before the musicians are playing so the 'electronics' are playing catch-up.

Secondly, the musicians make a recording of their parts only, thus enabling the composers to 'practice' their treatments repeatedly in the future and arrive at a result that they find satisfying and to 'fix' it as a 'definitive recording'. In turn, this process enables the final score to contain far more detailed technical recommendations than would otherwise have been possible, which means future performances are of a much higher standard from a technical standpoint, and these more detailed recommendations can be offered with the confidence gained from knowing that 'it works'.

Finally, we can all hope to meet and perform this music in the future using the experiences of this week to greatly enhance the performance standard, musically and technically.

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