Pippa Murphy on Malcolm

Day 3 started with a rehearsal of the dots Malcolm had written as an introduction to his piece with no name. The intro combined 4 modes - violin in G Phrygian, viola in D Dorian and Cello in A Ionian over a Bass riff of the root of all the modes - G D A F sharp (Lydian). Beautiful!

Then the players were asked to improvise in 4 sections (G Phyrigian - D Dorian - A Ionian - Gb Lydian) 1 mode at a time with a repeating bass riff to a pre- composed rhythm track.

The processing got cheekier throughout the day with some bit crushing, ring modulating and chorusing. Malcolm nearly remembered to use both hands to create some internal sculpting in amongst McFalls lovely improvising. A thoroughly enjoyable day with lots of laughs. A delight.

A great few days! A beer and fish and chips.

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