Ben Seal on Malcolm

After a lovely evening with our manager (Jo) and a couple of bottles of wine, this morning felt a little blurry. Undaunted, we set off from the vale of Cuckoo Hill (Penicuik). Today's challenge was going to be improvisational, playing with a backing track. The technical setup was going to differ from previous days because of the specific monitoring requirements.

As always I try to approach live music playing as if it is all acoustic. Only using reinforcement as a means to balance innate differences in the output of the various sources. I find that this approach enables the ensemble to be in greater charge of their own dynamics. Dynamics is one of the most important facets of live music. A musician, un-amplified has a massive dynamic range which is a delight to try to preserve.

Curry for lunch.

Afternoon sessions consisted of spacing out in grooves and making Brian sound like Donald Duck with freaked out track oscillation. What fun. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the tidying up.

So, in reflection. A wonderful 3 days of elec-perimentation. I'm now looking forward to mixing these in the studio. Listening to the pieces and forming them with their masters.

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