Call for composers!

Mr McFall’s Chamber’s annual professional development opportunity for composers and programmers, Electronics, is pleased to announce a Call for Scores for string quartet and electronics.

Deadline 31 Dec 2012

For full information, guidelines and details on how to apply, please email

Mr McFall's Chamber would like to invite composers and programmers to submit new works that involve electronic instruments and/or live electronics to be developed in workshops during 4-6 February 2013 with composer and sound artist Pippa Murphy, sound engineer/producer Ben Seal and the musicians of Mr McFall’s Chamber. The workshops will take place at Heriot Toun Studio in The Scottish Borders (c.30mins drive from Edinburgh).

If you are a composer who is keen to find out what's possible with live electronics or if you're a producer who rarely gets close to highly trained instrumental musicians, this could be an opportunity for you.

This professional development opportunity is offered to composers/programmers free of charge through support from Creative Scotland.

We are looking for a maximum of three participants for the project. Each participant will work on their piece for one morning and one afternoon session during the week. Should they be available and wish to do so, it is also possible for participants to observe the other sessions.

The aim of the workshop is to develop and refine approaches to working with electronics and instruments. We'll explore some of the following questions:

• How can instrumental sounds be augmented and elaborated with electronics?
• What electronic sounds might work well with instrumental timbre?
• How can an ensemble perform live with electronic sounds or computers and how can composers score their intentions effectively?

This is a workshop situation, in which we aim to take documentary recordings and to blog the progress of the works as they develop. Participants will be expected to share in the documentation process and contribute to the blog as their piece evolves. Participants should also be prepared to have their work recorded as part of this processed and made available online for free at the end of the week.

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