September 2011

  • 20/09/11

    Tales from Valparaiso No. 2

    Went to a large-scale open-air rock concert on Friday night down in the harbour – by Los Haivas – massive speaker stacks and lighting rigs hanging from cranes. Somewhere between Bay City Rollers, Chilean folk music and Carmina Burana... more
  • 15/09/11

    Robert McFall in Valparaiso

    I'm only going to write about musical matters in this blog – so I'll leave aside the tear gas, the earthquake, the colourful corrugated iron architecture and the stray dogs... more

June 2011

  • 14/06/11

    When we grow younger

    Driving back from the SCO concert in Ullapool on Saturday night, the last thing I felt like doing was setting off again for Glasgow at ten the next morning. We got back at around two in the morning after a four hour drive... more

May 2011

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