November 2011

October 2011

  • 27/10/11

    Tales from Valparaiso (and beyond) No. 5

    I'm afraid I'm going to revert to the theme of the Beatles – it just keeps coming up here, and each time Ann says “You see?!” triumphantly. Ringo Starr's coming here soon... more
  • 24/10/11

    Madame Stirling's Chamber

    On Sunday afternoon, Mr McFall’s Chamber performed their first gig ever without Mr McFall. Robert is away in Chile for six months taking a well-deserved break, so it fell to Claire Sterling to sit in the hot seat and do her best Robert impression... more
  • 11/10/11

    Tales from Valparaiso (and beyond) No. 4

    The wind comes up usually in the afternoon – when I grew up here you used to be able to hear it moving through the town – it was rather a pleasant sound – of course, you don't hear it nowadays... more

September 2011

  • 27/09/11

    Tales from Valparaiso No. 3

    I spent much of last week ill with various manifestations of a cold. I was up mid-week, breezing (and sneezing) about Viña del Mar looking for English teaching work... more

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