Rosenna East: RememberedImagined #1

A few lines about the project! Hmmm…

It’s exciting to turn up each day to a whole different set of musical challenges and stimulations. We’ve gone from click tracks to completely free flowing works. It’s the end of day 2 and we’ve worked hard on Ailie Robertson’s piece today – with her beautiful string writing and Gallic Airs. Less use of electronics today, more poetry. I’m really enjoying the additional input from the word writers, and having spoken word as part of the works. The sound archive recordings are wonderful, used in Amble’s piece from day 1. And Angus Peter has a beautiful Uist voice to speak the lines.

I’d like to find enough inflection and natural flow in my playing, amidst all the challenge of ensemble/technical effects and so on, to make it sound as natural as the Gallic sounds beautiful. That will be my challenge for the March tour!

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