Brian Schiele on Louise

We are in Peebles at the Eastgate Theatre for an ongoing project involving composers, electric instruments and computers…

Composer Louise has written a score called “Out of the Woodwork” for four instruments, but it is quickly clear that it is a quintet, as she is playing a laptop adding effects to the sounds we make live. There is also a pre-recorded “tape” which is played at the same time. I think at least some of it is the sound of wood boring insects doing their stuff!

At first we rehearse the piece in sections. Some require more time, as we have to get the four parts together and then repeat them while Louise tries out her ideas for the processing of the sounds we make.

Towards the end of the day we play through the piece a number of times. It lasts some 9 minutes. It is more satisfying each time. The last one goes very well - I really enjoy it! Hope recording came out well!

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