Ben Seal on Louise

At the begining of the day (6.00am) I had no idea what the day would bring. The drive was good and the sun came out on the Forth Road Bridge. I even managed to listen to Chris Evans blahing on.

Anyhoo, on arrival at the Eastgate I was greeted by the manager and Pippa who helped me bump in the gear. The set-up was easy until the musicians arrived with electric instruments (acoustic ones were stipulated)... So, after the required ribbing we got on with changing the setup.

The music flowed nicely and the space worked well. Eastgate is a fantastic venue with a wonderful acoustic. If there is a band you like playing there then it's well worth a visit.

The process, from my point of view, was easy going and a pleasure. The music is great and I urge you to have a listen. The mp3 is on this here blog.

So, setup now for tomorrow and we'll see what it brings...

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