Giya Kancheli Exil - Tue 19 June 2018, Edinburgh

At Home in a Foreign Land
Exil by Giya Kancheli

with Susan Hamilton (soprano)
and strings, flute, synthesiser

Old St Paul's Church, Edinburgh 7.30 pm, Tuesday, 19th June 2018
St John's Kirk, Perth 7.30 pm, Wednesday, 20th June 2018
Tickets go on sale soon

Giya Kancheli (1935 - ) is a composer from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. He moved to the West in 1995, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. After living briefly in Berlin, he settled in Belgium.

Exil is a setting for soprano and mixed chamber ensemble of Psalm 23, and of poems by Paul Celan and Hans Sahl.

Paul Celan (1920 - 1970), originally from a German-speaking Jewish family in Romania, suffered internment in a labour camp and lost many of his family under the Romanian fascist regime. After the communists took power in Romania after the war, he left, settling, finally, in Paris, becoming a French citizen in 1955. He drowned himself in the Seine in 1970.

Hans Sahl (1902 – 1993) was a German Jew from Dresden. Leaving Germany after the Nazi rise to power, living in Czechoslovakia, in Switzerland and then in Paris, where he was interned, he finally settled in New York in 1941, eventually becoming an American citizen.

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