Rebecca Sharp: RememberedImagined #1

Before we start Remembered/Imagined...what do you think the archives at The School of Scottish Studies will be like? What do you think it will be like to create new work from there?

Knowing the archive was within the Department of Scottish Studies, my mind automatically went to other university libraries I’ve been in: wiry carpets, different colours of wooden shelves, tables, heavy wooden chairs. Tall narrow windows, sign-in books, metal cabinets. I expected to feel lost at first among the codes and indexes, but eager to delve in: too eager really, I expected to have to be strict with myself, stay focussed, take notes and not get distracted looking up everything and anything and werewolves. Although as we all know, that’s no bad thing – what a total joy to be invited to come here and play!

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photo: Stephanie de Leng

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