Charlotte Murray: RememberedImagined #4

Working with Mike on this project has been interesting since we work together regularly anyway. Usually I send him an email saying ‘Mike, are you free to teach this date?’ or ‘Have you managed to call that person to sort out this thing?’ So to do something more creative together I’ve had to get out of my naturally bossy mindset and find out how he actually works as a composer. Saying that, we’ve started to use Podio to streamline our working practice in general and I still find myself bossily assigning him tasks for the project like ‘Mike, listen to those Tobar an Dualchais tracks I sent you’ and ‘Mike to write blog post for Amble’.

The challenge with this project is that Mike is relying on me to provide the initial stimulus (ie write my bit first) so that he can respond with the music. That’s quite daunting since whether our piece works or not relies on my initial ideas being good ones! To try and deflect the pressure a bit we’ve got together for meetings to talk through the ideas I’ve had and he’s added his own suggestions. We’re lucky in that our way of thinking about the project is very similar. We wrote our application together so we both have a really good idea of each other’s vision for the piece and can develop our bits accordingly. Mostly we’ve agreed so far and he hasn’t turned round and said he hates anything I’ve done yet, so that’s encouraging. I’ve had a really clear idea of what sort of music I think will work where, and how to structure everything overall so I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops the music and how much things change with the input of his genius musical mind.

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