Haddington Concert Society 14th April

Mozart - piano quartet in G minor K 478
Mendellsohn - piano sextet in D opus 110
Piazzolla - Adios Nonino, Michelangelo '70 and more

We perform a programme by three composers who, each in their own century, deepened their engagement with their own musical culture through a thoroughgoing engagement with the cultures of other countries. Mozart, whose childhood was spent in a mad flurry of touring, and wrote Italian opera better than the Italians, was, at the same time, along with his mentor, Haydn, responsible for creating a new, classical, Viennese, tradition – which, in its turn, made possible the music of Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Brahms. As Mendelssohn’s travels took him from the West Highlands of Scotland to Naples, from Paris to Vienna, he became more and more convinced of his role in the German cultural world of Goethe and Beethoven. As Astor Piazzolla soaked up the musical riches of his childhood New York, as he studied assiduously as a young man with Stravinsky’s friend, Nadia Boulanger, in Paris, so he also grew increasingly committed to his mission as an innovator in the world of his native tango.

tickets from the Haddington Concert Society (01620 826725)

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15:00 14/04/19

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